The catalogue search tool explained:

The ECOMET catalogue contains all meteorological information that can be used commercially under ECOMET license. It is maintained by the Members in cooperation with the Secretariat.

In case you have questions about the displayed data or products, please contact the relevant Member (ref. the contact list). All data and products can be bought from any ECOMET Member (ref. one stop shop principle).

The catalogue contains items free of information charge and chargeable items.

* Free of charge (non chargeable): there is no information charge on the data, however a delivery charge and transmission costs can be charged by the delivering Member.
* For the chargeable items, the price depends on the use you want to make from the items. More information on the categories of users, can be found here. Prices of the data are mentioned below the table containing the chargeable data. All prices are in Euros. Discounts might be applicable (more info here). More information on the licenses can be found here.

How does the search engine work?

  • Clicking on the looking glass, enables you to focus your search
  • On the first screen, you can select the type of data. On the second screen you can select the area
  • Sometimes, if a search query is too broad, you will get a message asking you to narrow down your search. E.g. searching for all free data from all Members gives a database error – in that case narrow down and search e.g. for only a few countries at one time
  • If you search for items that are not available from a certain Member, you will get a message that asks you to broaden your search
  • When international data are selected, the second search screen (area) will not be presented. This means that if you combine the search for specific data with the search for an international composite, you will not be able to select a country afterwards
  • The button “Back to search” at the end of the search results, brings you back to the search screen and resets the search criteria.

Important notice - abolishment of the Additional Internet Broadcast Fee

Per 1 January 2022, the Additional Internet Broadcast Fee (Service Provider 3) has been abolished.

The definition of this fee was:
Service Provider (3) is the additional fee to be paid in case of internet redistribution of the value added services. This fee comes on top of the other fee to be paid as broadcaster or service provider.


Please make your choice

(if neither of the two options are selected, it will be assumed both)

  • data with no information charge

  • data with an information charge


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