Volume discount for NWP products

Selected items from the ECOMET Catalogue on NWP products are flagged as being subject to NWP volume discount. The discounted licence fee for such items should be calculated by applying a volume discount factor according to the following table:

Total regular price per year ("TRP")Volume discount factor (“VF”)

0 to 5 000 €

5 000.01 € to 50 000 €

50 000.01 € and more


(2 500 + 0.5 * TRP) / TRP

(17 500 + 0.2 * TRP) / TRP

Where a licence covers several items being subject to the volume discount for NWP products the licence fee should be calculated in the following manner:

  • Calculate the total regular price per year ("TRP") by summing up the (undiscounted) individual regular prices (“RPi”) for all relevant items of the licence: TRP = SUM ( RPi ).
  • Determine the volume discount factor (“VF”) from the table above.

Apply the volume discount factor uniformly to each individual regular price of the relevant items in order to arrive at the individual discounted price per item (“DPi”): DPi = RPi * VF.

(this scheme became applicable per 1 July 2016)