Internet broadcast licenses


In case a third party wants to disseminate Retrievable VAS in the format of images or charts based on ECOMET data and products via an open Internet site, this broadcaster needs an Internet broadcast license.

Every broadcaster on the open Internet with one or several "http://www..." addresses requires an Internet broadcast license with an ECOMET Member, irrespective of whether the supply of original data and products or R-VAS come(s) directly from an NMS or from a service provider to subsequent broadcasters. The licensing Member will either conclude one license for all addresses or one license for each addres.
Every open Internet broadcast will be described in the license.

Climate data may not be displayed on the public accessible Internet unless explicitly permitted by the originator, or indicated to be provided without conditions to (re-)use.

On top of the appropriate information fee and - in case of a service provider - a redistribution fee for the defined list of Retrievable VAS, an extra broadcast fee (AIBF) may apply for dissemination of these R-VAS on each unrestricted ('open') Internet site. If so, the originating Member will have specified and Internet Broadcast License Fee (ref. Price Service Providers 3) in the ECOMET Price List.

The extra fee for the Internet broadcast license will not be subject to the small business discount, unless explicitly indicated otherwise by the originator.

When redistributing on an open Internet site, the Licensee should mark the services with an acknowledgement indicating ownership, as specified in the license.