ECOMET licenses

For the use of data and products from the ECOMET catalogue, you need to conclude a license with an ECOMET Member.

Each license agreement gives details about the object of the license in an annex to the contract. The annex will describe in detail the composition of the delivery, the purpose for which the information is supplied, and, if applicable, the time of delivery and the guaranteed uptime of on-line systems.

The nature of the license depends on the nature of the client (ref. categories of users):

It also depends on the intended use of the data and/or products:

  • redistribution of the data and/or products as part of a VAS
  • redistribution from a service provider to a holding company
  • internet broadcasting

Below you find links to the respective ECOMET standard license agreements.

WMO resolution 40 foresees that research and education communities should be granted free and unrestricted access to all data and products for non-commercial activities. More information can be found here.

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