Pricing and licensing

The prices for items from the ECOMET catalogue are set independently by the ECOMET Members. You will find the prices listed directly below the table with the relevant data or products.

Important notice:
The Price List represents the Information Price only.

The actual price paid by any customer comprises:

  • Information price, as quoted in the price list, plus
  • Delivery price, determined separately by each delivering NMS, and
  • Transmission price covering specific delivery costs attributable solely to that product


This section gives additional information around pricing and licensing of data and products offered by ECOMET Members:

  • A description of the price units used to calculate output from NWP models and radar
  • Some information on how various discounts are applied within the ECOMET pricing model
  • The different types of licenses that are available from ECOMET members depending on use
  • How ECOMET will arbitrate to help resolve any disputes between its Members and customers if needed.