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Catalogue introduction

The ECOMET Catalogue is maintained by the ECOMET Secretariat in close cooperation with the ECOMET Members. It displays all meteorological information (data and products) available for commercial re-use under ECOMET license from the ECOMET Members.

Using a one-stop-shop principle, all of the data and products a customer requires from the ECOMET catalogue can all be ordered from any one of the ECOMET Members so you only need one contract with one supplier.

An increasing amount of Data and Products in the catalogue are available free of charge*: As a minimum this will be, for each Member, at least all data and products exchanged globally and classified as "essential" in the WMO programs. However, some Members have also declared other data and products non chargeable.

* Free of charge: there is no information charge on the data, however a delivery charge and transmission costs can be charged by the delivering Member.

This section contains more information on how to use the catalogue and also on the catalogue holdings:

The ECOMET catalogue can be accessed here