New episodes of The WeatherPod

New episodes of The WeatherPod now available
Episode 21: Public Weather Services, Part 2
In this second episode of this two part WeatherPod exploring aspects of public weather services, hosts David and Alan invited Haleh Kootval, Gerald Fleming and Kevin O’Loughlin into the studio to discuss how the landscape for the provision of public weather services is changing with the growth of the private sector within the Global Weather Enterprise and the way digital technologies are changing the way people receive services.
Episode 20: Public Weather Services, Part 1
In the first episode of this two part programme, hosts David and Alan interview Haleh Kootval, formerly of the WMO and now with the World Bank, about the development of Public Weather Services. Part 2 to follow will be a roundtable discussion where Alan and David together with guests Haleh Kootval, Gerald Fleming, and Kevin O’Loughlin, will follow up and expand on the discussion started in Part 1.
Episode 19: WeatherPod Special for Asia Climate Forum 2022, Singapore
Weather & climate information and the transition to a decarbonised global economy
Hosts David Rogers & Alan Thorpe interview two leading figures about how their own organisations ar contributing to the decarbonisation of Singapore and elsewhere. The huests are Prof. Dale Barker, Director, Centre for Climate Research Singapore (CCRS), and Dr Thomas Reindl, Deputy CEO, Solar Energy Research Institute Singapore (SERIS)